Engineering and Design

100_0146Concept Equipment has been involved in many design projects, covering a broad range of applications. These areas have included scientific instrumentation, automation, mechanical handling, military test rigs, 3D component design, and interactive kiosk development.

For all of the above applications, Concept has manufactured, or organised the manufacture of, most of these new products or prototypes. This has ranged from complete project management, production and build, to assisting subcontractors or customers to carry out the manufacture of the components and assembly of the final item.

Concept Equipment work very closely with our customers to ensure the specification is accurately achieved. We provide a tailor made service to suit our clients way of working. We provide the space, systems, and software such that the project does not impose or impact on the current working environment of your company. Working with you, we can take your initial idea and start to sculpt these ideas into a product solution. We can suggest manufacturing options, comment on ergonomic considerations and assist in practical application.

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