BS476-6 Fire Propagation Apparatus

BS 476 PART 6

The BS476-6 Fire Propagation test provides information on the influence that a simple material, a composite of materials or an assembly of materials, would make to the rate of fire growth within a compartment.

Although often termed a “heat release” test, the result represents a much more complicated product of several factors including ignition, heat release and thermal properties. Comparisons are made between the effluent gas temperature/time relationships within the chimney of the apparatus for a reference material and for the product under evaluation.  The reference material is also used as a calibration sheet to ensure correct setting and operation of the apparatus and consistency between tests.

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Apparatus Features:

  • Stainless steel legs and chamber support chassis
  • 12mm thick calcium silicate combustion chamber
  • 12mm thick calcium silicate specimen holder
  • 3 off Calcium silicate spacer boards for various thickness samples
  • 3 off Non combustible ceramic gaskets
  • Low reflective black finished mild steel Chimney and Cowl assembly complete with thermocouple mounting points
  • Compliant stainless steel gas burner
  • Two high power cartridge heaters connected with high temperature supply cable
  • Two K type mineral insulated thermocouples complete with ceramic insulators
Control module features:
  • Control gas instrumentation including electronic gas on/off valve, flow regulating valve, flow meter and manometer
  • Temperature measurement with cold junction compensation
  • Intelligent single phase power controller with feedback loop for accurate control of electric heating elements
  • Digital Watt transducer allowing software control of power value of electric heaters
  • Integrated timer with digital display on software interface
  • Bench top control enclosure with 3 meter umbilical connecting cable assembly
  • Remote handset to allow ignition of Gas burner if apparatus is located away from control module

Data Acquisition system and Software Package featuring;

  • Prompted software interface
  • Data recording and display of cowl temperature against time
  • Data recording and display of ambient temperature against time
  • Display of power value in kW
  • Calibration routine
  • Calculation of output rise and calibration value

Electrical: 230 volts – Nominal 10 Amps

Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

Dimensions: Apparatus: 400mm (W) x 600mm x (H) x 300mm (D)

Control module: 400mm (W) x 500mm x (H) x 400mm (D)

Gas Supplies: The gas supply specified in the Standard is Standard test gas G112, as specified in BS 4947.

Flow: Gas flow for burner adjustable from 0 to 5 nl/min

Pressure: 1kPa