Single Burning Item (SBI) Test Apparatus


The Single Burning Item (SBI) test is one of the series of the main Euroclass reaction to fire tests for building products and evaluates the performance of a product in a corner configuration.  The apparatus is designed to comply with the international standard EN13823 and is relevant  to classes A2, B, C or D (excluding floorings).

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  • System comprises movable specimen holder, frame, hood, collector and measuring tube
  • Left and right oriented specimen holders available
  • Flow measurement utilising bi-directional probe and differential pressure transducer
  • Temperature measurement at different locations inside the measuring tube
  • Smoke measurement system according to DIN 50055
  • Gas sampling probe
  • 19” rack controller for main and auxiliary burners
  • Gas flows measured by high accuracy Mass Flow Controllers
  • Burners are fitted with flash-back protection and electronic flame sensors for enhanced safety
  • Complete operating instructions


Gas analysis:
Heated filter for connection to gas sample probe
Heated sampling line
Preparation of sample
Oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide analysers mounted in a 19” rack

Data acquisition:
Includes 20 channel scanner
IEEE interface card
Software for a Windows environment(3.1, ’95, ’98, NT) which includes the possibility for automatic report generation

Personal computer:
High end PC with 15″ screen
Inkjet colour printer

19″ Computer rack:
To house the PC, printer and data acquisition system


Electrical Supply:  230V AC – 25A 50Hz

Burner Gas Supply:
Commercial propane at 3bar(A) with a minimum purity of 95%.

Calibration Gas Supplies:

Calibration and reference gases N2 and CO/CO2 to be available; we recommend:

• CO (0,4 Vol%) 1 to 2 bar (a)
• CO2 (3,5Vol%) 1 to 2 bar (a)
• N2 – 5 to 10 bar (a)


  • A free height of minimum 4.5 metres in order to install the apparatus
  • Room dimensions 3±0.2m x 3±0.2m x 2.4±0.1m (L x W x H) with a floor area of 9±2m²
  • Flat floor for good positioning of specimen holder and for ease of use
  • Power supply: 230V AC – 25A 50Hz
  • Commercial propane at 3bar(A) with a minimum purity of 95%
  • An extraction system should be capable of extracting 1m³/s; Under test conditions, the exhaust system should be capable of continuously extracting a volume flow, normalised at 298 K, of 0,50 m3/s to 0,65 m3/s