3 Metre Cube

IEC 61034, BS 6853

The 3 Metre Cube test is performed within a chamber measuring 3 cubic metres.  The test monitors the transmittance reduction of a white light beam, running from one side of the chamber to the other, at a set height, thus monitoring the build up of smoke inside the chamber.   A small fan is used inside the chamber to prevent the smoke building up in a layered effect.  A draft screen is also utilised to protect the specimen and the flame source from any air turbulence.

  • Stainless steel three metre cubed chamber, complete with door, light source windows and extraction fan interface
  • Bespoke stabilised light source
  • High accuracy light measurement system
  • Smoke measurement system support structures
  • Circulating fan and sample mounting frames
  • Extraction Fan and connection ducting
  • Smoke measuring software, data acquisition and laptop

Electrical: 230 Volts AC 50 Hz or 115 Volts 60 Hz.


The area surrounding the cube should be a draft free area with no extremities of temperatures or pressures due to external conditions.

Extraction system:

The 150 mm diameter extraction ducting should have a suitable exhaust system/chimney to extract into.