TPP-2 Flammability Tester

ASTM D 4108, ASTM D 7140, BS EN 367, CAN/CGSB 155.20, ISO 9151

The TPP-2 Flammability Test equipment is used to test protective clothing and materials against heat and flames.

The instrument is conveniently mounted on a single platform and includes the following features:

  • Complete rig with specimen support & high temperature burner, 4 sets of mounting plates and 1 spacer.
  • Two Copper calorimeters to measure flame heat output.
  • Automatic gas “cut-off” in the event of burner flame-out.
  • Automatic burner position control.¬†Assures uniformity of test specimen exposure to burner heat source.
  • When burner moves to ‘test’ position, the software is started automatically.
  • Control panel activates burner position mechanism, providing meter gas flow.