Tube Furnace Toxicity

IEC 60754-1/2, NFX 70-100

The Tube Furnace Toxicity test method is used in the assessment of toxic or corrosive products during decomposition or combustion.

The apparatus is a small scale static tube furnace in which the test specimen (typically 1 gram or 0.1g for low density materials), is pushed, in a crucible, into the middle of the furnace tube and thermally decomposed.  Furnace temperatures of 400, 600 and 800°C tare used to represent oxidative pyrolysis, well-ventilated and under-ventilated conditions in flowing air at 2 litres min-1, where they may pyrolyse and auto-ignite.  For most materials at a temperature of 400°C they will not ignite, so the condition is oxidative pyrolysis.  At a temperature of 600°C, the rate of pyrolysis may be fairly slow, giving a well-ventilated fire condition, whereas at 800°C the fire condition may be closer to under-ventilated as the rate of pyrolysis exceeds the stoichiometric air supply rate. The effluent is driven through gas detection bubblers and gas bags for subsequent analysis.

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System comprises of:

  • Horizontal tube furnace with the following dimensions: bore diameter 65mm; overall length 625mm; heated length 550mm; with operating temperature up to 1200°C, complete with temperature controller and display.
  • Special quartz work tube of overall length 700mm complete with high temperature end collars
  • 100 porcelain combustion boats of appropriate dimensions to meet standard
  • 3 borosilicate glass wash bottles and, complete with 3 Drechsel wash bottle heads
  • Associated tubing and fittings
  • Loading tool for inserting combustion boat into furnace
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Suction pump
  • Calibrated flow meter

Options and Accessories:

  • Thermocouple system to allow furnace temperature profile measurement with handheld temperature indicator
  • Data Acquisition System to semi automate and record temperature profile, as well as auto start test, record test events with a remote handset.  Also records temperature profile during the test. The system can be configured to record the analogue signal voltage output of additional analysers (not supplied) for continuous measurements.  Raw test/temperature profile data is available for import into MS excel.  Windows 7 Netbook included
  • Porcelain combustion boats (pack of 100)
  • Borosilicate glass wash bottle (each)
  • Drechsel wash bottle head (each)
  • Spare tubing for above (10 metres)