UL94 Flame Chamber

UL94, IEC 60695-11-10 & 20, ASTM D635, ISO 1210, ISO 9772

The updated UL94 Flame Chamber from Concept Equipment utilises modern technology and has been designed with ergonomics in mind to ensure that testing is as user friendly as possible.

The test is widely applied throughout industry, especially in electrical manufacturing, where it is widely used for the testing of electrical products. The test measures the burning rate of samples positioned either horizontally or vertically.

Standard Equipment performs UL94 tests 94HB, 94V-0, 94V-1, 95-5V, 94VTM-0, 94VTM1 and 94VTM2.

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  • The instrument complies with the UL94 standard (excluding radiant panel testing)
  • Draft free corrosion coated chamber with volume of ˃ 1m3
  • Extraction system with low noise fan (62.5dB) and back draft damper
  • Large area opening tempered glass window to allow easy viewing
  • ASTM D5025 with wing tip and adjustable burner angle – 0°, 20° and 45°
  • Ergonomically designed access ports for sample and burner positioning
  • Large counterbalanced sliding door allowing complete access
  • Integral control panel which includes:
    • Three digital timers
    • Pressure manometer
    • Extractor switch and control
    • Calibrated gas flow meter
    • Gas solenoid control switch with indicator lamp
  • Interior light
  • Bench mounted with optional support frame
  • Other European tests can be performed on the apparatus such as: IEC 60695-11-10/20, IEC 60707, IEC 60695-2-2, ISO 1210, 9772.3, 9773, 10351 as well as BS 2782 methods 140A and 140B
  • Other ASTM test methods can also be performed on the apparatus including ASTM D635, D3801, D4804, D4986, D5025, D5048

Electrical: 115 to 230 Volts AC – 5 Amps @ 230V

Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

Gas Supplies: The fuel gas used in the test is methane with a minimum purity of 98%.The pressure required to obtain flame stability needs to be adjustable between 0-2 bar.

Dimensions: 1500 mm (W) x 826 mm x (H) x 1150 mm (D)