Vertical Flammability Chamber

FAR Part 25 App F Part I, AITM 2.0002, BSS 7230, FTM 5903, ASTM F 1506

The Vertical Flammability Chamber is used in various areas of fire testing of materials, including Part 25 Appendix F Part 1(b)(4) – 12 second & 60 seconds Tests, Airbus AITM 2.0002A; AITM 2.0002B, Boeing BSS 7230 F1 and F2, NY/NJ Port Authority for Upholstery and Drapery Materials and CPAI 84 Tent Walls and Tops.


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  • Fabricated from high quality brushed stainless steel
  • Fully automatic flame impingement accomplished by a switch of the dial
  • Adjustable Ignition time from 0 – 60 seconds
  • Selectable and automated control of flame application time
  • Free running solid state digital timer to record total burning time, which is then used to calculate burn rate
  • Enables “after flame” “dripping” timings to be recorded
  • Burner height and angle adjustable
  • Specimen holder included

• Thermocouple c/w digital meter to measure flame temperature
• Spare Specimen Holder Set
• Set of Hooked Weights

Electrical: 230 vAC 50 Hz volts / 115 vAC 60 Hz

Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

Gas Supply:
Commercial grade methane of minimum purity of 99% at a pressure of 0.2 Bar (2.5 psi) nominal

Dimensions: 430 mm (W) x 800 mm x (H) x 330 mm (D)